Minor blog enhancements

Well, I’ve been round the back with my mallet again, tinkering away with the blog, so there are a few new things to play with.

The Reviews A-Z

As mentioned a little while ago, I’ve set up an A-Z list of all the reviews on the blog. Now, I’ve spent a good few hours renaming a load of old entries and tinkering with the sorting algorithm and pretty much everything is semi-standardised, in proper order, etc. They’re all in one big list, though, so let me know if you want them divided out in audio play reviews, TV reviews, film reviews and DVD reviews, or whether you like them as is. I’ve also updated the banner at the top so you can now access the Reviews A-Z by mousing over the “Reviews” bit in the menu and clicking on “Reviews A-Z” when it appears.


On the right, you should now be getting pithy little observations that don’t merit blog entries. They’ll be about anything, including the occasional “oops, I was tinkering and now I’ve cocked something up but it’s fixed now” messages, holiday messages, what I’ll be reviewing, etc, over the coming week and so on. Think of it as a sort of Facebook profile status for the blog or a meaningful Twitter. At some point, I’ll get round to setting up an RSS feed for it.


So you can quickly spot the types of articles you want to read, there are now category icons next to each article on the front page and on their individual entries. You can mouseover the icon to reveal the category as a tooltip or click on it to be taken to the category listing.

Hollywood Reporter news

I’ve added the annoyingly shaped Hollywood Reporter news widget to the bottom of the sidebar so you can see the very latest news all the time.

Popular articles

The Popular tab now includes the top ten entries that people have been reading as well as the most commented entries. The stats only go back a month or so, but it’s interesting to know that people only give a monkey’s about pictures of Stewie Griffin, rather than anything I’ve written.


I’ve disabled a couple of anti-spam plug-ins that did more harm than good. That means you’ll now be able to leave comments with as many links as you like in them and they’ll show up immediately, rather than when I’ve got round to approving them. I’ve also enabled the comment confirmation page, which you’ll be taken to when you’ve submitted your comment so you know that your comments haven’t gone into the ether or if there’s been a problem. Let me know if that becomes irritating and I’ll disable it again.