Third-episode verdict: Eli Stone

No salvation

The CarusometerA Carusometer rating of 3

Time for final arguments on Eli Stone, Jonny Lee Miller’s US entry into religion and Ally McBeal territory. 

Who knew, following its first decidedly agnostic first episode, that it was possible for the show to be any less committed to the concept of God giving a lawyer divine inspiration and guidance? Because it’s backed away even further.

Yes, Eli Stone does have an odd knack of hallucinating the right names and visions to be able to win the case for the little guy at the last minute. But, for the most part, His guidance seems to be less incontrovertible than it was in the first episode. 

Eli’s fiancée has also become less of an evil Blonde Bitch (there’s a job description for that) and is becoming more supportive, etc. Nothing is absolute it seems.

Rather than sticking to its guns, then, Eli Stone has simply become the officially sanctioned show of quirkiness. It’s about lawyers who see things and do nice things. That’s it really.

Okay, slightly unfair. There is the growing realisation on Eli’s part that his Dad maybe not have been a complete arse after all, given that he had the same brain aneuryism that Eli has. Yes, Eli’s turning into his Dad, which is something many a male fears as he simultaneously realises his Dad wasn’t all bad after all and there was method to his madness. That’s moderately interesting.

There’s also a perky new incompetent, do-gooder newbie lawyer. And we don’t have to put up with the dodgy medicine of the first episode.

But it’s all infinitely forgettable really. Good for anyone who likes Jonny Lee Miller and a bit of unchallenging dramedy. Missable for everyone else.