The Wireless Theatre Company

A nice lady has just emailed me to ask if I can mention her company on this here blog. Given their stuff is free and it sounds moderately interesting, I don’t see why not. Over to her:

I would very much like to introduce The Wireless Theatre Company, a  completely new type of online theatre company, from the UK, who produce plays and audio entertainment for publication the internet.

On our website listeners can preview, and then download any play they choose from our catalogue to their iPod, MP3 player, mobile phone or computer desktop, for free!

We produce, cast, edit and upload all the plays ourselves and are  hugely passionate about new writing, and giving opportunities to new acting talent.

The Wireless Theatre Company is up and running and you can visit now  and download an MP3 of our productions to see how it works. I have been overwhelmed by the ‘buzz’ the site has created, with over 400,000 hits since we launched in may and people downloading our plays from all over the world. Our listener’s feedback page has grown impressively and we now have over 20 productions on the site.

Our next planned project is to record a season of Shakespeare’s plays to act as a study aid for teachers. We believe it will be an invaluable  tool in engaging pupils studying the classics, by encouraging pupils to listen to audio plays, as well as music, on their iPods.