Review: Primeval 2×7


I guess at some point in time the producers of Primeval had a choice about what to do with their series finale. Either they could have an intellectually satisfying piece of drama that answered a whole bucket-load of questions. Or they could have lots and lots of dinosaurs in a fight.

Guess which they went for.

It’s the series finale and tension is at an all-time high. Cutter and the team are trapped in an abandoned Ministry of Defence bunker, surrounded by creatures. Leek, meanwhile, is revelling in the control he has.

He believes that humanity is doomed and that the only people who will survive and prosper are those who have the backing of the predators. His vision is that his army of creatures will make him the most powerful man in a new and troubled world.

Is there anyone the team can trust? Will anyone be able to save them? Is Leek truly intent on releasing the creatures? And, if so, what hope exists for the world outside? Who will survive?

Time is running out for Cutter and his team…

Was it any good?
Okay, it was a little better than I first intimated. After all, we do have the somewhat radical move of killing off one of the heroes, Steven the Man Mountain. Assuming the magic of time travel doesn’t bring him back, that’s a little gutsy, even if he was the most irrelevant character on the show.

We also had a bunch of bad guys who weren’t completely thick and didn’t fall for every cliché in the book – and one who helpfully explained the laws of the real world to the ‘unpleasant adolescent’ Conor.

But for the most part, it was all just a lot of running around being chased by CGI, while simultaneously begging for a third series, please . Which is fine if you like it, of course, but if you were hoping for something a bit more character-based, your luck was out.

I’m still at a sort of loss to work out exactly why Dougie ever married that naughty mentalist Helen; wouldn’t Jenny at least want a proper explanation of the whole Claudia thing now it’s been confirmed by Helen; why does everyone suddenly find Caroline, the girl spy, acceptable just because she helped little Rex; why does Lego Girl think it appropriate to wear a skirt like that to a funeral – it’s not a pulling opportunity, love – and when are they ever going to get the Conor/Lego Girl romance up and running properly; and why did Stephen ever believe anything Helen ever said to him?

So all a bit implausible on the human side, really. But less implausible than that rubbish kickboxing.

Nevertheless, they are at least moving the show in interesting directions. Things are obviously being shuffled to get Caroline on board the team. Helen at least has a fun new motivation that’s marginally less rubbish than her last one. Dougie now realises he loved Stephen the man mountain and that he’s gay (while else did he tear up the photo of Claudia while he was at the funeral?). And Stephen the irrelevant is gone, which streamlines everything immensely now that Dougie knows how to run and fire a gun. 

I’m not sure if Jenny the clay pigeon shooter is going to be a full team member – she seems even less qualified than the rest of them, but in the great glorious tradition of sci-fi shows, anyone who fancies a go gets to join the team so why not?

It’ll be interesting to see where they take the show next series. Will they advance things? Tread water again? Have history rewritten so that sparrows rule the Earth? What? Any suggestions as to what you’d like to see?