Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and what can Santa Rob bring you for 2008?

Merry Christmas! It’s that time again everyone. Time for my annual year-end break which some crazy people have decided to call “Christmas”.

Since I’m now in an age demographic that suggests I should have my blood pressure monitored constantly in case bits of me fall off or explode, I intend to be doing precisely “bugger all” (as Dylan Thomas almost put it in Under Milk Wood) over the “Christmas break” and that includes blogging.

I’ll be back with the news on January 3rd – assuming there’s any by then – as well as, fingers crossed, reviews of the Big Finish plays The Girl Who Never Was and Return to the Web Planet. I’m not sure what else though.

Survey time

Tell you what, let’s take this as an opportunity to have a reader survey. What sorts of things would you like to see on this here blog in 2008? More of the same, less of the same? Do you still want reviews of Big Finish plays? Do you still want the daily new round-up? Has the Carusometer outstayed its welcome – are its “shades of justice” obscuring it from producing decent reviews? Do you want individual episode reviews of all the latest US shows, assuming they’ll be making any next year, given the writers’ strike?

Leave your requests for more, less or the same below in the comments and I’ll decide what gets the chop and what stays alive when I get back.

In the meantime, a Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to you all and thanks as always to Stu_N, Stu, Stuart, Marie, Mark, Espedair, Rosby, Toby, Cindylover, Jon, Anna, Rullsenberg and anyone else who’s left a comment for livening up the place!

As a present, here are the World of Warcraft commercials starring William Shatner and Mr T. They’re most entertaining. There’s also one with Jean-Claude van Damme in French, which is a tad more bizarre.


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