Weekend upgrade

The observant will have noticed that I’ve been tinkering again. Just can’t help it with the tinkering, these days.

This, however, was the big tinker – I’ve finally upgraded my blog’s software to Movable Type 4. At the moment, that doesn’t affect things at your end, gentle reader, an awful lot, although you can now sign in with your Vox account, if you have one, or you can even create your own account on this blog if you really want. However, shiny things will percolate through the system over the next few weeks as a result, which should hopefully make it all worth it. Hoozah!

Anyway, I’ve had to fiddle around with the templates so not all things might be working as they should. If they aren’t, email me using the link down the side to let me know and I’ll try to sort out your problems – and thank you for your patience. Ironically, about the only thing that might not be working properly is the email subscriptions to comments (which no one appears to use anyway).

Thanks in particular to Toby OB for letting me know about what I hope is the only bug in the system!

UPDATE: You might have to log out and back in again, if you signed it with TypeKey or LiveJournal previously, or you might come up as ‘anonymous’. Sorry, Stu_n!