Highlander 5: On tele in a fortnight

Here’s odd. Highlander: The Source, sequel to Highlander: End Game, is going to be on tele on the US SciFi Channel in a fortnight. It’s not even gone straight to DVD – it’s now a ‘Sci Fi Channel original movie’. There’s an official trailer (below) and I have to say, it doesn’t look fantastic, which might explain the shift.

Apparently, they’re all off (Duncan and Methos, that is – at least some of the semi-original characters are in there) to find out what makes immortals immortal, even though it’s explained in Highlander 2, which apparently we’re supposed to ignore completely these days – they even did a re-edit of the movie to get rid of every reference to the Planet Zeist.

The grunge-o-matic atmosphere is probably something to do with their killing Connor before the events of Highlander: The Quickening took place, meaning we’re all going into post-apocalyptic, Ozone layer-free, East European hell since he wasn’t around to fix things. Even though he was. But we’re ignoring that now.

I’ll reserve judgement until it airs, though.