Anyone else tried Joost yet?

Joost. It’s going to be all the rage apparently. It’s going to take all the good bits from television and all the good bits from the Internet, stick ’em together and we’re going to be over the moon with entertainment (and social networking) delights.

Look, it says so in this YouTube advert.

It’s supposed to be some lovely peer-to-peer thing, where you all download TV programs from each other for free. Unlike certain things – such as YouTube or Bittorrent – there’s some actual legitimate programming on it, too.

It’s in beta at the moment, so you have to apply for an id and password and put up with features that don’t quite work and the occasional bumpy playback (as well as in-frame adverts). Still, it’s actually pretty good. You have to use it to get a good feel for its better features, but the latest channels include entries from Edinburgh’s Raindance film festival and – woah! – a channel full of Aardman Animation stuff, including old episodes of Morph.

That’s what I’m going to be using Joost for.

See. Morph’s trying on hats.


I’d blog about it more, but the Joost “Blog this” feature doesn’t work with my blog. So I’ve nicked some pictures from the Joost web site and stuck them after the jump, instead.

There’s one with a bear.

National Geographic

Programme guide

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