Quick Bourne Identity/Supremacy question

Is the guy who shoots Conklin (Chris Cooper) at the end of Identity supposed to be the same character as the German Treadstone agent Bourne meets in Supremacy?

Reasons for

  1. Character 2 is described as the only other remaining Treadstone agent. What about character 1 then, unless they’re the same person?
  2. They look very similar
  3. They’re both based in Germany

Reasons against

  1. They’re played by different actors
  2. The characters have different names (at least according to the script; it’s not mentioned onscreen)
  3. Character 1 is based in Hamburg, Character 2 in Munich, but Bourne tells him he should have moved

What do you all think? Anyone have wisdom on this score?

Anyway, I’m off to see The Bourne Ultimatum now. I hear it’s good.