Review: Doctor Who – Urban Myths

Nicola Bryant and Peter Davison

In keeping with the new Big Finish policy of pairing up audio plays, Exotron comes with Urban Myths, an entertaining little piece of fluff of no real import. As the Big Finish site describes it, “In an expensive restaurant somewhere on Earth, three gourmets plan their evening. First item on the menu: the death of the Doctor.”

It’s really just an excuse for Peter Davison and Nicola Bryant to play different versions of their characters, as Rashomon-style, the assembled Time Lord assassins recall with less than perfect memories the events that caused them to believe that the Doctor needs to be killed.

As time moves on, events become clearer. It’s evident from the outset more or less what’s happening, so there aren’t any huge surprises. All the same, it’s entertaining and good for a laugh, particularly when Nicola Bryant’s doing a deep-voiced, evil Peri. A nice accompaniment to Exotron, but not worth buying the CD set for if you weren’t sold on the idea of Exotron.