Season finales: CSI: Miami

CSI Miami

I was a little surprised by this particular finale. Normally, seeing the name Sunil Nayar, one of the show’s producers, in the writers’ credits is enough to put fear into your heart, given he’s written some of the worst crimes against humanity that CSI: Miami has perpetrated: nothing has been too stupid or offensive for our Sunil.

But this season’s finale was a relatively low key affair. There were few mind-blowingly dumb moments, just a couple; there were no cliffhangers, no massive plot resolutions, no lives imperilled. If it hadn’t been for the three-minute music video conclusion, you’d never have known it was a season finale. About the only real tension was from a few “will they, won’t they” moments between Calleigh and Eric.

To a certain extent, that’s because this has been a season without a long story arc: there have been a few two- or three-episode arcs, but nothing really to rival previous seasons’ gangs/brothers/hot forbidden fruit South American sister-in-law/marriage shootings arcs. Given the show doesn’t really need to work to bring the viewers in and it’s not a show that people watch to tax their brains or learn something about humanity, it’s more surprising that previous seasons have actually felt this need at all.

Still, even the Carusobot seemed unable to believe he was doing a Batman/Angel/Captain Jack on the top of a helipad for no adequately explored reason at the end.

So don’t be afeared, UK viewers, you can watch this episode without any worries, apart from potential brain damage.

Tension: 2/10