Friday’s lovely, lovely news

Doctor Who

  • Maybe Kylie after all…
  • Gareth McLean interviews Jessica ex-Stevenson [free registration required]
  • Plus Freema Agyeman – aka Sweet FA – is on Jonathan Ross tonight. Sorry on Jonathan Ross tonight.




British TV

  • Noel Edmonds to host the badly re-titled Sky version of Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?
  • Kirsty Young‘s leaving Five News
  • Anyone who thought Xena: Warrior Princess was in any way about female empowerment, think again – or at least send Universal Playback a rude message. Mud-wrestling glamour models to launch a DVD?
  • What happened to some of the former contestants of The Apprentice and Dragons’ Den [free registration required]
  • Celebrity Big Brother was more racist than anyone suspected. Full transcript here. Which is handy because it’s clear some celebrities haven’t read it

Australian TV

  • It could be worse: the father of one of the contestants has died in the Australian version of Big Brother and no one’s told her


  • CBS’s Moonlight gets recast, while Prison Break looks for some more inmates
  • And The IT Crowd needs a new Jen while Heroes needs some more heroes
  • Footage from the new Babylon 5 DVDs

And a great big shout-out to The Stage’s TV Today blog which is now one year’s old. Happy Birthday guys!