Flattery or fear from Freedom TV?

I’ve just been sent that DVD. You know, the one the crazy moon bats, aka the Scientologists, have been sending to people about that Panorama documentary in an effort to avoid a bit of bad publicity. You know, the one exposing their frothing that’s now been YouTubed to death.

I’m not sure whether to be flattered. Is it because I’m a media type? Have they spotted my journo credentials and decided to influence me?

Or are they just carpet-bombing the UK with these things?

If it’s the latter, I’d really rather they wouldn’t. Maybe alien war lords with spare nukes in their pockets can bring the natural resources necessary for such a scheme to our planet, but I suspect they’ve been sucking stuff out of rocks and trees to make these DVDs. Bad, wasteful Scientologists.

If the former, I’m scared.

How the crap did they get my home address?

I can imagine a few scenarios, but they all have scary stalker qualities to them. Eek.