Wednesday’s news

Doctor Who

  • A long interview with David Tennant in Living Scotsman
  • Tennant is also going to star in an HBO/BBC production called Einstein and Eddington. Not as Einstein though.



  • Ray Winstone’s joined the cast of Indiana Jones 4
  • Mike Myers is to star as an Indian guru. No potential for offence there then.
  • No one wants a Columbo movie
  • Ricky Gervais and Greg Kinnear have signed up for Ghost Town
  • A green light for The X-Files 2 may be only a week away
  • A trailer for 28 Weeks Later is up

British TV

  • Moira Stewart’s been dropped as a newsreader [subscription required]


  • South Park does 24
  • Heather Locklear has a pilot
  • Will Jon Stewart’s baseball pilot get picked up, now it’s on YouTube?
  • Jason Behr replaces Stephen Moyer in the Company Man pilot
  • Kevin Sorbo is to be a preacher for Hallmark
  • Rob Lowe is going to be a series regular next year in Brothers and Sisters