Fifth-episode verdict: The Knights of Prosperity

The Carusometer for The Knights of Prosperity3, a Minor Caruso

Okay. Enough’s enough. I don’t care if I find out whether these guys manage to rob Mick Jagger or not. Without Mick Jagger, the show’s dull. It’s predictable. There’s clearly something there, but it’s really struggling to make itself known among the general cobblers. It comes to something when the title sequence is the funniest gag in an entire comedy.

It’s not awful. It’s not painful (check out Salon’sbad sitcom pain-rating scale”, which rivals The Carusometer for usefulness). But it’s definitely something you really don’t care enough about to watch more than the occasional episode of at most. It’s visual popcorn that makes you titter. It’s cheese string for the mind.

Oh well.

The Medium is Not Enough has declared The Knights of Prosperity to be a three or “Minor Caruso” on The Carusometer quality scale. A Minor Caruso corresponds to “a show in which David Caruso might guest star. He will demand more on-screen time than the actual star and that he defuse at least one bomb using his expert marksmanship, even if it’s a romantic comedy”.