Third-episode verdict: Day Break

Day Break

Since we’re only two weeks in, thanks to a double-bill last week, it’s probably a little early for the Carusometer, but I thought I’d let you know how Day Break was going.

The action’s slowed down a little since its high-octane opening, although only a little since there are fights, shoot-outs and screeching cars aplenty still to be found. The deadly seriousness of the first two episodes has disappeared slightly, too, and a few welcome traces of humour are sneaking in.

But there are signs the format is starting to wear a little, even though the days Taye Diggs lives are proving to be reasonably varied. There’s a little too much repetition for comfort and the low-down on the plot against Diggs is taking some time to emerge. Beyond a mail-order hourglass, we’re not seeing much by way of explanation as to what could possibly be causing Diggs to relieve each day, so a certain degree of frustration is creeping in. Without some interesting human relationships to draw us in, it’s proving hard to stay motivated in watching the show.

So despite still being well made and well put together, Day Break is slowly sinking down the Carusometer. I’ll let you know in a fortnight if it’s been worth sticking with.