Sectarian violence starts tomorrow, thanks to MTV Dance

Ofcom has been investigating a few complaints again. For some reason, The Baby Mind Reader was given the all-clear, despite being obvious rubbish. Maybe the fact it was on Five lowered their standards a little.

But more interesting is the complaint against MTV Dance. This, apparently, has been letting some dodgy text messages get through, unvetted, from viewers.

One complaint was received after “all u Fenons [Fenians] out there – die” was shown on screen. The complainant also noted that there had been references to Bobby Sands and the UDA.

So the first thing of interest is that the moderators would have stopped this if they’d known what Fenons meant. Yet they let it through because they thought it was just a regular message of death. Okay…

But why exactly are those little scamps using MTV Dance as a conduit for political propaganda, do you think?