Review: 10 Items Or Less

10 Items or LessFull Caruso

In the US: TBS, Mondays, 11/10c

In the UK: On a network that looks suspiciously like TBS but is actually a supermarket.

The Office Ten Items Or Less is a comedy show set in an office a supermarket run by a weak manager who just wants to be everyone’s friend. His staff are all a bit rubbish…

Oh I give up. There’s no point bothering with this one. It’s a rip-off of The Office, it’s partially improvised and it’s not funny. There’s no subtlety, no cleverness to the humour, very little originality – a bad manager who uses Japanese martial theory to motivate his employees? What a concept! – and I wanted to turn it off after ten minutes.

The Medium is Not Enough hereby declares 10 Items or Less to be a five on the Carusometer. This equates to a show so bad in every single aspect of its production that it seems to have been put together by David Caruso, although his mum might have done the set decoration.

PS: It’s “10 items or fewer”, curse you!