One British network gets vodcasts

History Channel vodcastAll the talk of late (at least, among certain groups of people. Probably not in Tescos though) has been about podcasts and how great they are. Battlestar Galactica, Doctor Who, Lost and others have all got their own variants. But despite being about tele, few of the regulars have embraced video podcasts (aka vodcasts), with only Lost producing a vodcast and that was a one-off.

One network has gone further though. The History Channel. Weird, huh? The ubiquitous Adam Hart-Davis* has put together four vodcasts to accompany his show, How London Was Built, that give you a guided tour of London. You can either watch them online or download them to your MP3 player (aka iPod) and watch them as you tour the streets of London. How useful’s that, history buffs?

* To be fair, he’s ubiquitous because he’s very good.