Christopher Eccleston joining the cast of Heroes?

Christopher EcclestonSometimes I don’t get his jokes, so I might have misinterpreted this, but Michael Auriello, over at TV Guide, reckons Christopher Eccleston is joining the cast of Heroes from January. To save you having to read all the other spoilers for US shows (of which there are quite a few, some of them interesting), here’s the important paragraph:

Question: Your superpower is super-scoop. Save the world and give us some Heroes poop.— Sarah

Ausiello: Fanboys, prepare to piddle yourself. Christopher Eccleston — the original Dr. Who from the current Sci Fi/BBC series — is joining the cast in January in a really super (tee-hee) role. Speaking of cool pieces of casting, wait until you see who’s ******* ****’s ****. You’re going to flip.

He’s almost always right with his scoops, so UK viewers might have to watch the SciFi channel for something other than repeats for once: Heroes is to be one of the cornerstones of the channel’s 2007 schedule.

UPDATE: In a rare piece of actual journalism on my part, I’ve called Christopher Eccleston’s agent for a comment. She’s not in yet though. I’ll let you know what she says when/if she calls back.

UPDATE 2: No response. I’ve emailed her now. Let’s see if that works.