Title sequences: watch them ALL

A while back, we had minor fun trying to come up with some of the best and worst TV title sequences. Now some enterprising soul has started a blog, Main Title Heaven, that entirely consists of YouTube videos of TV title sequences – some good, some bad.

There’s mostly US shows on the list, many of which never aired in the UK or that have never re-aired, so now’s also a good chance to catch up on things like Policewoman with Angie Dickinson, Harry O, Banacek and (this one brought memories flooding back) Simon and Simon. Give Search a look-in, too, just to see Doug McLure during his heyday. Oh yes. And the “golden syrup” show, TJ Hooker.

But there’s also The Avengers (colour and black & white), The Professionals, UFO and a couple of other British shows, so don’t feel too excluded if you’re from the UK and don’t like US TV.

PS If you’re on a Mac, Safari will probably have problems with all those vids, but Firefox works just fine.