Survivors may be back

SurvivorsRemember Survivors? No? It was kind of a dark version of The Good Life, in which everyone in the world bar a couple of ‘lucky’ survivors is wiped out by accidental germ warfare, leaving those behind to eke out an existence for themselves by growing their own vegetables.

It degenerated after a while, but was a good show and it had one of the most chilling title sequences ever (you’ll need RealPlayer to watch it).

It turns out the BBC is considering reviving it, according to the Media Guardian (free registration required). Interesting choice for the next revival: I’d have gone with Blake’s 7 because the whole “terrorists or freedom fighters?” thing would work quite well right now, but I suspect Survivors would cost a whole lot less to remake. The question is, does self-sufficiency still resonate the way it did during the 70s?