Preview: The Angriest Man in Suburbia

The Angriest Man in Suburbia

In the US: CBS, but no air date yet

In the UK: Not yet acquired

Ah, after The Class, we have another CBS sitcom. This one isn’t quite as interesting. In fact, it’s altogether tepid. So tepid, in fact, that CBS haven’t yet decided if they want to air it (it’ll probably be a mid-season replacement if one of the other shows commits suicide), and no one in the UK has acquired it yet.

The basic set-up is that a house-husband who stays at home and looks after the kids while his (literally) high-flying wife goes off and wins the bread is frustrated by the fundamental injustices of life: women who hold up queues by talking on their mobile phones for too long; being called “Mister Mum”. You know, really serious stuff.

So angry is he that he starts to hallucinate his car’s satnav system giving him advice on how to stress-down. That’s how angry he is. Ooh.

And that’s more or less it. Slightly dorky husband; smarter, infinitely patient wife who puts up with his gaucheness – you’ve seen it all before in Everyone Loves Raymond and King of Queens, to name but two.

If this ever sees the light of day, expect either significant changes or a run of three shows at most. But don’t waste precious eyeball time on it, whatever you do.