Odeon boycott extended

I was just boycotting the Odeon Greenwich’s Galley, but a couple of things have extended my boycott to the entire establishment.

  1. My brother-in-law actually wrote to complain about what happened to us with the Gallery. He never got a reply.
  2. The next time he went to the Odeon – and let’s not forget what the temperature’s like outside – he ordered some Pepsi. They gave it to him without ice. He pointed that out. The serving guy shrugged his shoulders, as though somehow ice was a luxury to be given out at his discretion, and bro-in-law had offended his Royal Highness in some way.

Odeon, you charge roughly three diamonds plus a pot of gold, frankincense and myrrh for your medium-sized Pepsis: you can afford to give the ice (frozen water!) away as part of that.

It’s all a bit trivial, I know. But they’ve annoyed me now.