Happy Birthday blog

Happy Birthday, The Medium is Not Enough. Yes, a year ago (sort of, subject to blog migration, blog splitting, blog reunions, etc), this blog emerged into the light of the Internet with its first two posts: a preview of the still-popular Prison Break, the not-unpopular Supernatural and the still-unseen Global Frequency; and tedious cruft about The Omega Factor (which I’m still just about to write a review of, amazingly enough).

Since then, we’ve discovered that if you call a blog “The Medium is Not Enough” and write about Most Haunted, all sorts of people get the wrong idea; that if you blog almost every day for a year, you can get regular audiences of anything up to 16 people (and robots); and that the most popular blog posting I ever would write would be about whether Pot Noodle adverts are racist or not (the traffic has been phenomenal, honestly).

I’d like to say a great big thank you to Anna, Holyhoses Rob, Jason, Lisa, Marie, Matt, Rosby, Scott, Stu and everyone else who’s come here to provide literate and entertaining comment – it’s made the blog far more entertaining than it has any right to be, and camouflages the fact that without you all, I’d be that strange man in the corner at the party, talking to himself. Thank you all, and I’ll endeavour to keep you all at least moderately entertained for another year, I hope.