Daily Mail’s usual counter-productive vitriol

MaggieYou have to appreciate the Daily Mail for really failing to do most things it sets out to do with television. It’s its own worst enemy. It screws up so badly, so often. Campaigns against shows that involve nudity (typically illustrated with nude pictures, thanks to Mail hypocrisy), blasphemy, homosexuality, women, etc usually result in massively increased viewing figures and more shows in the same vein being commissioned.

So how about this headline of outrage from the weekend:

BBC portrays Maggie as a whisky-soaked warmonger

Don’t you just want to watch that programme now? Doesn’t it sound like just the best programme ever?

The Mail helpfully tells us it’s called Coup! and will be airing on BBC2 later this month.

PS More amusingly, why is there a gallery of images to allow you to take a sneak peek at the show if it’s so reprehensible?! Just to really get those fires burning?