Brilliant but still cancelled

Some shows are brilliant, but never find their audience. They get cancelled. Then people see them on re-runs or rent the DVDs and find out what they’re missing. Suddenly, it’s a runaway success. Look at Firefly and Futurama: both resurrected from the dead because of their popularity on DVD.

season one finally got released on DVDBut then there are other shows, shows that were brilliant but were cancelled. They never get a release on DVD. Or worse still, they do get released on DVD and no one buys them. Look at what happened to Airwolf: season one finally got released on DVD and no bugger bought it: in fact, it only sold 20% of the total amount sold of the first season of Miami Vice, which is going to be this year’s big summer blockbuster. It’s a crying shame.

On the other hand, heaven knows what a 2007 big screen version of Airwolf would have looked like.