Bond, Bond, Bond, Bond, Bond, Bond, Bond, Bond…

Ah Thunderball. Now there was a classic Bond movie. You could say it’s where the Bond movie started to go wrong. Gadgets and stunts being used in favour of good plots? No, no, no.

But Thunderball was a good movie all the same. So good, in fact, that it got remade as Never Say Never Again. Famously, that starred Sean Connery at a time when Roger Moore was Bond-proper. You see, thanks to a fateful court decision a long time ago, someone other than the Broccolis and Eon own the rights to Thunderball.

And you know what? Said owner still doesn’t think it’s been done right. After failing to remake it again in the late 90s as Warhead, if the rumours are true, Kevin McClory is going to send another version of Thunderball into a cinema near you soon.

Guess who’s going to be Bond. It’s not Daniel Craig.

No, it’s Pierce Brosnan!

It’s all just so weird and wacky.