The rubbishness of ITV proved for all the world to see

A while ago, we obliquely touched on the poor quality of ITV programming of late. Now come a few hard empirical facts. In all the excitement about Doctor Who‘s success at the BAFTAs, ITV’s equally appalling night was pretty much overlooked – by all but my colleague Ian Jones at Off The Telly. Choice quote of the piece:

if you look at the BAFTA nominations (four for each award, hence a total of 76), how many do you think ITV notched up? A third? A quarter? Wrong on both counts. Surely they made it into double figures? Wrong again. They got a miserable, shameful total of seven. Seven nominations out of 76.


Since I’ve mentioned Doctor Who, I guess I have to do this now:

David Tennant again

I’m off for a couple of days’ holiday in Glasgow tomorrow, so blogging is going to be reduced to somewhere between a little and not at all, depending on how good the promised Wi-Fi is and how much it rains in Scotland while we’re there (track record: 100% rain on all previous visits). So adios for now and I’ll be back on Monday or earlier.