Heat: Great film, but how could it be better?

Al Pacino and Robert de Niro in HeatI was bored by Heat the first time I saw it. Ridiculously long runtime coupled with too many talky bits put a dampener on all those Andy McNab-choreographed shoot-outs, which is what I really wanted.

In retrospect and without the callowness of youth on my side (replaced with the callowness of 30something-dom), I now realise it was excellent – certainly the best movie Michael Mann’s directed, although Manhunter makes it a close-run contest.

But what could make it better, ten years on?

A director’s cut? No.

A sequel? Hell no.

No, what the world needs now is a Heat video game that features neither Robert de Niro nor Al Pacino.

“The success of the special edition DVD last year reminded us how Michael Mann’s ‘Heat’ is truly a modern day classic and deserved to be retold using modern technology that will transport a viewer into that world,” said Regency production prexy Sanford Panitch.

Happily (but only if you’re only anti-depressants), it turns out there are also video games of Jaws (do you have to escape the shark or be the shark, I wonder?) and Scarface in the works.

Incidentally, in case you’re wondering what Michael Mann’s been up to of late, he’s retooling his finest televisual hour for the big screen. Yes, Miami Vice is coming out this summer and you can view the trailer below:

UPDATE: Val Kilmer is in talks to voice the game as well, according to Variety.