The West Wing – Welcome back Sam

I grinned my way through this week’s episode of The West Wing. For the first time in quite some while, it felt like The West Wing of old. It may have been the fact that Peter Noah, a writer for the show since the first season, put together the script. But I think it was almost certainly because Rob Lowe was back.

He fell back into the role of Sam with ease and after a brief catch-up with the character, it was almost like he’d never been away. That would have been a good thing since there was a certain hint of “I can’t believe what kinds of messes you guys have got yourself into” with the character. Certainly, by the end of the episode, you think to yourself that everything wrong in the show could have been fixed by bringing Sam back two seasons ago. So welcome back Sam (and Rob). We’re glad you made it, even if it is so close to the finish line.

  • I’ve only seen the first season! I’ve got so far to go. Josh is so cool, and I get the feeling I can look forward to his relationship with Donna ‘blossoming’ somewhat as we go along…

  • I won’t spoil it for you too much then. Let’s just say you’re right, but patience is a virtue.

  • I have to wait? Ah well, the ride’ll be fun.

  • Though obviously we all want to be CJ Cregg, I’ve always had a fondness for Josh.
    Sigh. I know it all went a bit pear-shaped with TWW, but it was always so nice to have it there…

  • I wanted to be Sam. A good writer plus he got to ‘associate’ with Mallory and Ainsley.