An offer you can’t refuse

Darren Day

Fancy being trained by Olympic athletes in sports like water-skiing, kendo, running, diving and cycling? Fancy getting really fit without having to pay for a personal trainer? How about a free holiday in Egypt?

Nah. I fancy sleeping in a car and playing snooker down the pub.

Because I am Darren Day.

Well, I’m not. But you know what I mean. Instead of turning up for training, the man decided to kip in his hotel room and do anything rather than lift his finger. The producers eventually had to throw him off the show.

Given all the opportunities afforded by The Games, how could you not want to take advantage of them, particularly when you’re up a certain creek like Darren clearly is? The man has problems.

I like The Games. I’m not a great sports fan. I’m not a great reality TV fan. But watching a bunch of people actually try to develop a talent – and sensibly, unlike all those dancing and singing shows that try to get everyone up to scratch in a week – is really uplifting. I’d much rather see someone rewarded for hard work, than see the likes of Chantelle rewarded for living in a house for a few weeks. Admittedly, the competitors are a little more C-list than last year’s, but it’s great to see Peter “Dib Dib Dib” Duncan on tele again. Plus the martial art this year is kendo: outstanding!