James Bond’s lowest key movie

If you thought Licence to Kill and Living Daylights were low key, wait till you see the next Bond film Casino Royale. As well as Daniel Craig, we now have Jeffrey Wright as Felix Leiter, Mads Mikkelsen as the Bond villain, and Eva Green as the Bond girl. For most people, that will be a straight “who?”, “who?”, “who?” and “who?” with only Dame Judy as M to ring a bell on the name checks.

As Bond books go, Casino Royale is quite subdued anyway and this is supposed to be something of a re-boot movie, showing Bond’s first outing as an agent. But it’s starting to sound a little dull, particularly if you’ve seen some of the script reviews doing the rounds. Plus Bond playing Texas Hold’em instead of Baccarat and being ex-SAS, not Navy? That’s all wrong. Is Daniel Craig destined to be the next George Lazenby?