Earthsea to become animé

Some of the books of Earthsea are to become animé. If you ever saw the execrable Legend of Earthsea, you’ll be greeting this news either with delight (that it isn’t the Sci-Fi channel making this) or trepidation (fearing that it will be as bad).

What isn’t clear from reports is which books are being dramatised. The Sci-Fi article says the movie will be based on the third and four books, which are The Farthest Shore and Tehanu respectively. Yet the movie will be called Gedo Senki, which means ‘Tales From Earthsea’. Tales from Earthsea is the fifth book and is a collection of short stories. And even worse, the SciFi article also says the film will be about “the journey of a wizard named Ged and Prince Arrenis”. There’s not actually a character called Arrenis, only Arren and that’s the third book again.