72 bands of difficulty

Have you seen that Virgin viral marketing picture? You know, the one with the 72 bands cunningly hidden in a picture. I don’t have the answers. I know you all want the answers but I don’t have them. However, my sister (you know, the one who writes a cat blog with Charlie Skelton. Incidentally, that’s not the only thing she does with her life. Honest. I don’t want you to think she’s cat/Skelton-obsessed) does.

My sister’s clever about music things. She objects to Never Mind The Buzzcocks on many grounds, but the most baffling for normal mortals is that “The questions are too easy”. I was only able to help her with one band name on that picture, and she hadn’t got it only because she couldn’t identify the aeroplane type.

So, to get the full list, you can

  1. work them out for yourself (my sister advises that an easy way to work out who they all are is that they’re all signed to Virgin. Do you see what kind of level she operates at?)
  2. carry on Google searching
  3. add a comment to this blog entry, petitioning my sister to reveal the answers.

Incidentally, it turns out the version of the picture doing the rounds has had the left side chopped off, so there are a couple more bands to work with. The full picture is still on the Virgin site.