The Omega Factor

Just put in my order for The Omega Factor at For those not in the know, this was BBC Scotland’s late 70s’ version of The X-Files, starring that nice James Hazeldine from London’s Burning and Louise Jameson from Doctor Who.

Except it was a zillion times scarier. Well, it seemed like that when I watched the seventeenth generation VHS copy that my mate Michael Seely gave to me circa 1992. The second episode was, according to a recently discovered form of maths, precisely 72.6 times scarier than The Stone Tape, which was in itself, a highly scary play – although I confess it took me three watchings before I worked out what was going on at the end.

I will now wait for the wonders of first-class post to deliver the three-DVD set to me from the wilds of Northern Ireland. Will it be as good as I remember, or am I about to discover it ranked with season five of The Tomorrow People in terms of cringe-inducingly bad television and I simply didn’t notice, what with everyone having been reduced to an orange blob on Michael’s tape? I’ll let you know once I’ve watched them all.