More pandemic soothing from Doctor Who

The first two showrunners of 21st century Doctor Who have already offered some solace in this time of quarantine. Now Doctor Who herself and the current showrunner, Chris Chibnall, have done the same.

Jodie Whittaker has made this nice little video to soothe children in distress:

Meanwhile, Chris Chibnall has written a short story.

I hope you all feel better now.

Little Fires Everywhere
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What have you been watching? Including Little Fires Everywhere

It’s “What have you been watching?”, your chance to recommend to fellow TMINE readers anything you’ve been watching this week

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So, here’s something interesting about being confined to quarters/being quarantined/being in prison/surviving coronavirus – you end up watching less TV than before. I was actually expecting to watch more, but without my morning commute, I’m actually watching less.

Plus the general ennui and existential angst of it all means I’ve gone to my happy place for the ironing: yep, I’m rewatching Iron Fist. It’s really good. I’ll probably have a lot to say about it next week. New things. Different things. Honest.

All of which meant that the only new show I reviewed this past week was Motherland: Fort Salem and I still haven’t got to the end of season 3 of Babylon Berlin (I’m up to episode eight now). Sorry about that.

The Banker

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To be honest, I’m actually going to be pretty busy this week and next – my bank account will be happy at least – so I’m not sure how much reviewing I’ll be able to do. However, my eye has been caught by Netflix’s Freud, which is a handy eight episodes long, so that might become a Boxset Monday, although The Guardian reckons it’s ridiculous so maybe not.

Council of Dads (US: NBC) should be getting a review either tomorrow or Monday, though. German/US show Unorthdox comes to Netflix tomorrow, but that doesn’t really appeal. Season three of Ozark is arriving on Friday, as is comic-adaptation Vagrant Queen on Syfy (US), and they appeal a bit more.

Meanwhile, tomorrow’s Orange Thursday is down to one movie again (sigh, I miss going to the movies so much): Apple TV+’s The Banker (2020).


The regulars

It’s the usual regulars after the jump: Devs, For Life, Star Trek: Picard, Stateless, Transplant, and War of the Worlds. I’ll also be talking about the latest two episodes of Westworld, which I forgot I’d watched last week, as well as episode three of Amazing Stories, which I gave another try.

I decided, however, not to give The Plot Against America another try – I’m prepared to be proven wrong on this, but it feels like a worthy-fest with less impact than even 11.22.63.

I also watched a bit of an episode of Avenue 5 out of the corner of one eye – it was the episode with John Finnemore in it and you know what? It was all right. I might watch season two at this rate.

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John Finnemore revives Cabin Pressure with Cabin Fever

Cabin Pressure is one of the finest sitcoms ever to grace the radio airwaves. It ended a few years ago now (gah, 2014!), mainly due to Benedict Cumberbatch’s sudden fame thanks to Sherlock but also because each episode started with a different letter of the alphabet and they ran out of letters.

It is much missed.

But there seems to be a lot of Cabin Pressure about, all of a sudden. Inept air steward Arthur Shappey’s grandson is currently piloting spaceships on Avenue 5 (US: ABC; UK: Sky1).

And Arthur himself is currently trying to help us all survive quarantine with Cabin Fever, the first episode of which is naturally set in Fitton.



How the former showrunners of Doctor Who are helping us survive the quarantine

There happen to be some important nuWho anniversaries happening around now. Apparently, it’s some anniversary or other for Day of the Doctor and Steven Moffat has written a new introduction for it featuring Dan Starkey as Strax (who introduced the cinema version, if you recall).

The observant may notice a few references to/potshots at the most recent season of Doctor Who

Meanwhile, coming up on Thursday, Russell T Davies will be live Tweeting for the 15th anniversary of Rose. There’ll be some extra material released on the day, too.

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