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  • Trailer for season 2 of Hulu’s Light as a Feather
  • Warner streaming service to be called HBO Max

US TV show casting

  • Alana de la Garza joins CBS’s FBI from FBI: Most Wanted, to recur on FBI: Most Wanted
Jordan Peele in The Twilight Zone
International TV

What have you been watching? Including The Twilight Zone

It’s “What have you been watching?”, your chance to recommend to fellow TMINE readers anything you’ve been watching this week

Ben Kingsley and Jacki Weaver
Ben Kingsley and Jacki Weaver in Epix’s Perpetual Grace Ltd

This week’s reviews

It’s been a busy old week for TMINE. Looks like the summer season is really kicking off, doesn’t it? Elsewhere, I’ve reviewed:

Elsewhere, I’ve reviewed:

And this week’s Orange Thursday featured John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum (2019) and The Favourite (2018). Not bad, hey?

Always Be My Maybe
Randall Park and Ali Wong in Always Be My Maybe

What’s coming this week

…but also not great. Those with long enough memories will recall that I said last week that “Good Omens is available on Amazon from Friday, so we’ll definitely be catching that for Boxset Monday”. Except it wasn’t. So much for definitely, hey?

To be fair, we’ve watched five out of six episodes, so it’s just a case of finding the time to watch the sixth episode in between the latest episodes of Masterchef Australia and Love Island. It’ll happen, hopefully tonight or tomorrow, but before the weekend, anyway. Just not this Monday – my time machine’s broken.

Also coming your way – at some point, he says, avoiding any definite statements – are American Princess (US: Lifetime) and at least one episode but maybe all of NOS4A2 (US/UK: AMC). And Orange Thursday will definitely include Always Be My Maybe (2019) at the very least.

I’ve still not watched Catch-22 or What/If. Soz. But maybe this weekend, hey?

Jordan Peele in The Twilight Zone
Jordan Peele in The Twilight Zone

The regulars

The regulars list continues to dwindle. After the jump, I’ll be looking at Harrow, Mr Black, and the penultimate episode this season of Warrior, for sure. I’ll also be covering the final two episodes of The Hot Zone, as well as the season finales (Ed: What? Already?) of The Twilight Zone and What We Do In the Shadows. And I did a rapid trawl through the remainder of The Society. But that’s your lot – summer, hey?

See you in a mo.

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Game of Thrones
International TV

What have you been watching? Including Game of Thrones

It’s “What have you been watching?”, your chance to recommend to fellow TMINE readers anything you’ve been watching this week

It’s Wednesday. That must mean it’s time for WHYBW. Just as it has always been.

BTW, how’s the war with Oceania going?

The 410
The 410

This week’s reviews

It’s been a good week for reviews, with not just one but two boxsets:

Just a reminder: tomorrow’s Orange Thursday (I don’t know why I’ve just italicised that) will be taking in both Glass (2019) and Snowpiercer (2014), just in case you haven’t done the background viewing already.

Julianna Margulies in National Geographic (US)'s The Hot Zone
Julianna Margulies in National Geographic (US)’s The Hot Zone

What’s coming this week

I’ve reviewed most of the shows on last week’s list. However, I’ve only just started watching Five Bedrooms (it’s okay – not awful, not great) and since episode two of that was on about half an hour ago in Oz, I might as well watch that before reviewing the show. That should be coming your way either tomorrow or Friday. Or maybe as part of next week’s WHYBW.

Despite my promises, I never watched so much as a frame of What/If… since it turns out that’s not out until this Friday. Whoops. Sorry about that. I’ll try to give that a go when it’s actually available. There’s a plan, hey?

And given Hulu launched the entire series of Catch-22 in one go on Friday, I might as well declare it’ll be next week’s Boxset Tuesday (Monday being yet another UK bank holiday). There’s a project for the bank holiday weekend, if Lovely Wife isn’t too busy with all her studies.

Somewhere mixed up in all of that will be Blood and Treasure. National Geographic’s The Hot Zone is also being served up on Monday, which I’ll definitely be watching at some point – for verily, it’s about killer viruses and I’ve read the book it’s based on and I’ve just spent the past two days editing an article about dengue fever, so clearly it’s got everything I could possibly need in a TV series.

Bob Murphy in Mr Black
Bob Murphy in Mr Black

The regulars

As usual, I’ll be talking about the latest episodes of Doom Patrol, Harrow, Mr Black and Warrior. I also caught another episode of The Society. And, of course, it was the final ever episode of a certain long-running fantasy show this week, so I should probably talk about that, too. What do you think?

See you in a mo.

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International TV

What have you been watching? Including LA’s Finest, Lucifer, The Spanish Princess, The Society and Sliced

It’s “What have you been watching?”, your chance to recommend to fellow TMINE readers anything you’ve been watching this week

Okay, so maybe Thursdays still isn’t a good idea for WHYBW, given that What We Do In The Shadows and The Twilight Zone air on Wednesday night in the US. That’s an hour and a half of TV to watch on the same day as I have to write TMINE’s most intensive weekly feature. Hard. I’ve basically spent half a day doing this.

So, what say we to moving WHYBW to Wednesday next week and moving Orange Wednesdays to Thursdays? At the very least, it’ll stop EE from suing me from trademark infringement.

Yes? Good. Glad we could all agree on that.

LA's Finest
LA’s Finest

This week’s reviews

Despite TMINE having covered the US upfronts season for 11 years now, they always seem to come up as a surprise to me. I don’t why that should be, given they’re at more or less the same time every year, but they do.

Anyway, their arrival means that despite wild promises last week to review lots of the new TV shows that have appeared on TV screens around the world since then, I’ve been doing upfronts coverage instead, giving hot takes on all the new shows NBC, ABC, Freeform, Fox and CBS are planning to give us over the next year; the last of the bunch, The CW, will see its newbies will getting the TMINE treatment tomorrow, so stay tuned for that.

All I’ve managed to review, as a result, is Australia’s Mr Black. Sigh.

Don’t worry, though, because I have done the background reading at least, so after the jump, I’ll be looking at the most TV – I surely will – with:

  • The Spanish Princess (US: Starz; UK: StarzPlay)
  • The Society (Netflix)
  • Sliced (UK: Dave)
  • LA’s Finest (US: Spectrum)

Meanwhile, Orange Wednesday was similarly deficient, only giving us The Death of Stalin (2017) this week. It’ll be the normal movie count for Orange Thursday next week, though: Snowpiercer (2013) and Glass (2019). Now you know what they are, you can watch them, too, and we can discuss them like we’re in a book club or something.

George Clooney in Catch 22
George Clooney, Christopher Abbott and Pico Alexander in Hulu’s Catch-22. © Philipe Antonello/Hulu

What’s coming this week

The 410 (Canada: CBC Gem) will probably get a look over tomorrow, given it’s only 3x30m episodes, but I think Educators (New Zealand: TVNZ OnDemand) might miss out, unless What/If (Netflix) turns out to be spectacularly dreadful.

I’m also going to be watching State of the Union (US: SundanceTV; UK: BBC Two), which is only 10×10-minute episodes, so normally too short-form for TMINE to consider. But given it’s by Nick Hornby, stars Chris O’Dowd and Rosamund Pike, and has been picked up by BBC Two already, that basically puts it on my radar. Also, there seems to be an increasing amount of TV made for US networks by British people in Britain (cf Killing Eve, the forthcoming The Rook), which is an interesting trend that TMINE should investigate, don’t you think?

On top of that, we’ve got Hulu (US)’s adaptation of Catch-22 coming up, as well as Netflix’s What/If. CBS (US)’s Blood and Treasure starts next Tuesday, too, but it probably won’t be until Thursday or Friday that I’ll review it.

And lest we forget the rest of the world, Five Bedrooms (Australia: Ten) started yesterday so I’ll be reviewing that as well.

Lauren German, Tom Ellis and Inbar Lavi in Netflix’s Lucifer

The regulars

As usual, I’ll be talking about the latest episodes of Doom Patrol, Game of Thrones, The Twilight Zone, Warrior, and What We Do In the Shadows after the jump. But Harrow (Australia: ABC; UK: Alibi) has returned for its second season, so I’ll be catching up with that. Mr Black (Australia: Ten)’s second episode has also aired, so I’ll be watching that closely. And since Lucifer is now a Netflix production, I thought I’d see if its fourth season was in any way different from those that preceded it on Fox (US) – judging from its first episode, at least.

See you in a mo.

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Mary Kills People

When’s that show you mentioned starting, TMINE? Including The Society, Mary Kills People and Arthdal Chronicles

Every Friday, TMINE lets you know when the latest TV shows from around the world will air in the UK

Netflix's The Society
Netflix’s The Society

The Society (Netflix)
Premiere date: Friday, May 10

Netflix US original. Some teenagers struggle to survive after they’re mysteriously transported to a replica of their wealthy town with no trace of their parents.

Think Lord of the Flies but with even richer kids.

Stars: Kathryn Newton, Rachel Keller, Gideon Adlon, Jacques Colimon, Olivia DeJonge, Alex Fitzalan, Kristine Froseth, Jose Julian, Natasha Liu Bordizzo, Alex MacNicoll, Jack Mulhern, Salena Qureshi, Grace Victoria Cox, Sean Berdy and Toby Wallace.

Mary Kills People
Global (Canada)’s Mary Kills People

Mary Kills People (Canada: Global; UK: More4)
Premiere date: Tuesday, May 14, 9pm

Dr Mary Harris works at the emergency department of the Eden General Hospital and has a side business as an ‘end of life counsellor’ – she and her partner Des provide assisted suicide. Their lives get complicated when the police start investigating them.

Stars: Caroline Dhavernas, Jay Ryan and Joel Collins

Episode reviews: 1

TVN (S Korea)'s Arthdal Chronicles
TVN (S Korea)’s Arthdal Chronicles

Arthdal Chronicles (S Korea: TVN; UK: Netflix)
Premiere date: Saturday, June 1

Arthdal Chronicles depicts the birth of civilisation and nations in ancient times. It is a story of mythical heroes, their struggle, unity and love of people living in a virtual land called Arth.

Stars: Song Joong-ki, Jang Dong-gun, Kim Ji-won and Kim Ok-bin