Chris O'Dowd and Rosamund Pike in State of the Union

What time, TMINE? Including e Legal and State of the Union

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It’s been a quiet old week, this week. That’s what you get in August, right after a bank holiday, I guess.

So there have been absolutely no acquisitions announced this week and only two premiere dates.

Premiere dates

e Legal
Michaël Erpelding (Louis), Fanny Dumont (Floriane), Raphaëlle Bruneau (Fran Gerrits), Olivia Harkay (Valentine Dhénaut)

e Legal (Belgium: RTBF La Une; UK: TV5 Monde)

Premiere date: Thursday September 5, 6.40pm

Valentine, an ambitious lawyer, has built her own law firm, DE FACTO, Inc., specialized in legal issues involving new technologies of the information age. She just recruited her cyber specialist, Fran, who happens to be her half-sister, a hacker on parole to boot. Together the duo will help various alleged victims (or perpetrators) of cyber criminality. On the sidelines, their intern, Theo, a young intern aspiring to be a legal eagle and looking up to Valentine, helps or throws oil on the fire.

From the Global Screen web site

So I’m not sure if this is the first time it’s been on TV5 Monde but it’s the first I’ve heard of it and the first time I’ve seen TV5 promote it. It was made in 2017, too, so chances are, it’s relatively new.

Here’s episode one, if you want to give it a try:

Rosamund Pike as Louise, Chris O’Dowd as Tom – State of the Union _ Season 1, Episode 2 – Photo Credit: Parisatag Hizadeh/Confession Films/SundanceTV

State of the Union (US: SundanceTV; UK: BBC Two)

Premiere date: Sunday September 8

Married couple Chris O’Dowd and Rosamund Pike meet for regular 10-minute meetings in a pub to talk about their failing marriage before they go across the road to the marriage guidance counsellor.

TMINE episode reviews

Chris O'Dowd and Rosamund Pike in State of the Union

Boxset Monday: State of the Union (season one) (US: SundanceTV; UK: BBC Two)

In the US: Aired on SundanceTV May 16-19 2019
In the UK: Acquired by BBC Two

Alfred Hitchcock famously said that drama is life with the dull bits cut out. If so, you’d think that SundanceTV’s State of the Union would be a little bit more exciting, given that its 10 episodes are just 10 minutes long, so it should be able to cut about just about everything dull in life. Alas no.

Despite its US name and US network, State of the Union is virtually all British and Irish talent in front of and behind the camera. Written by Nick Hornby (High Fidelity, About a Boy) and directed by Stephen Frears, it sees Chris O’Dowd (The IT Crowd, Get Shorty) and Rosamund Pike playing a not so happily married couple London couple. Each episode is set in the pub where the two meet before heading over the road for marriage counselling.

And that’s it. We never see the counselling sessions themselves and for the most part, the only other characters we see are two couples Pike and O’Dowd observe coming out of the preceding sessions, usually in a state of emotional shock.

Although Aisling Bea does turn up for about three minutes in one episode. That was a highlight in a show that is for the most part, all the bits of life left after the drama is taken out.

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