Chloe O’Brien = Janice Rand?

Was watching Star Trek last night (only for a bit: Miri is a rubbish episode, banned for years for being too violent but should have been banned for being too dull) when I suddenly spotted a strange resemblance:

Grace Lee Whitney as Yeoman Janice Rand

Grace Lee Whitney

Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe O’Brien from 24)

Mary Lynn Rajskub

Is it just me or is there something eerie going on there? Watch the next episode and see what you think.


Set the video: Star Trek’s back

Kirk in Star TrekForgot to mention this yesterday. The original series of Star Trek (aka “The good one”) is now airing from the very beginning on the SciFi channel at 7pm (8pm on SciFi+1). Glory in the marvellous “Wagon Train to the stars” that was, free from technobabble and the requirements of political correctness that made 95% of ST:TNG such a snoozefest.

Out of this world.


Marvel at the concept of the William Shatner DVD club

William Shatner, laughing all the way to the bankI’m not making this up. There really is a William Shatner DVD club. Every month you’ll get a DVD selected by William Shatner himself (maybe) as well as a newsletter with Shatner’s reviews of movies. There’s even a chance to vote in weekly polls on Shatner’s best Star Trek performances.

“But what kind of movies will I get if I join Billy’s DVD club?” I hear you ask.

Why, ‘Underground hits no one else has’, of course!

By which, of course, they mean absolute bollocks B-movies that no one with any sense will watch and which probably cost $0.99 in the bargain bin – but to you, discerning sci-fi fan, only $4 by post. Films like Immortel: ‘New York 2095. In a strange pyramid floating in the sky, gods of ancient Egypt are judging Horus…’

The sad thing is, I’m absolutely convinced dozens of sci-fans will join. Twats. At least Shatner can laugh all the way to the bank. Did you know that during the bubble, he was the highest paid actor in the world? Now he’s doing this and All Bran ads. Weird, huh?