Fox’s upfronts 2019-20 – a rundown and clips from the new shows: BH90210, Prodigal Son and Not Just Me

All through ‘upfronts’ week, TMINE will be revealing the new shows that are going to be hitting US TV screens from September 2019

It’s that time of year again – the ‘upfronts’. What’s that, I hear you ask?

What are the upfronts, TMINE?

It’s when all the US networks reveal to advertisers the new shows that are going to be hitting the TV screens some time from September 2019 through to nowish 2020. However, this isn’t the same as the international screenings, where buyers from TV networks around the world turn up to see what they’d like to acquire, so we won’t know what will be heading our way for quite some time.

This weekend, US TV networks killed off a whole bunch of existing shows (prompting howls of protest from their fans) and are about to commission a whole bunch of new shows (prompting howls of ‘you cancelled x for this rubbish?’ from said-same fans).

2. Fox’s upfronts

Yesterday, we got a look at NBC’s upfront presentation and today, we’re getting a look at Fox’s new shows. Fox isn’t in quite as safe a place as NBC is in the ratings and is looking shakier by the year. At last year’s upfronts, it launched:

Yep, only one of those survived: the indestructible Last Man Standing is indeed the last man standing and that started off on ABC. Odder still, Fox isn’t bringing it back until next year, as it plans to fill its Fall schedule with animated comedies. As a result, there’s not much room for new dramas either until mid-season.

So coming soon (and in one case very soon), we have:

  • BH90210
  • Prodigal Son
  • Not Just Me

And for mid-season:

  • Deputy
  • neXt
  • Outmatched
  • Filthy Rich
  • 911: Lone Star

Want to know more, including exactly when they will be airing, as well as take a look at trailers for all of them? And do you want to get TMINE’s hottest of hot first takes? Then follow me after the jump…

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The Passage on Fox

Countless US renewals, cancellations and new shows; What Happened in Oslo; Catherine the Great trailer; + more

Every weekday, TMINE brings you the latest TV news from around the world

Internet TV


  • Trailer for Sky Atlantic’s Catherine The Great


US TV show casting

  • Chris Carmack, Jake Borelli and Greg Germann promoted to regulars on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy

New US TV shows

  • ABC green lights: series of conspiracy drama Emergence, with Allison Tolman, Donald Faison, Owain Yeoman et al…
  • …self-explanatory drama The Baker and the Beauty, with Victor Rasuk and Nathalie Kelley…
  • …legal drama For Life and family comedy United We Fall
  • …yellow lights: Heart of Life and NYPD Blue
  • CBS green lights: series of female LA police chief drama Tommy, with Edie Falco
  • red lights: Under the Bridge and The Republic of Sarah
  • Fox green lights: series of 911 spin-off 911: Lone Star, with Rob Lowe…
  • …and soap southern Gothic family drama Filthy Rich
  • NBC green lights: series of newly widowed dad comedy The Kenan Show, with Kenan Thompson and Andy Garcia…
  • …Jeffery Deaver’s Bone Collector adaptation Lincoln, with Russell Hornsby and Arielle Kebbel; church choir comedy Perfect Harmony, with Bradley Whitford, Anna Camp, Tymberlee Hill et al; and live-in grandparents comedy Indebted, with Adam Pally, Abby Elliott, Steven Weber and Fran Drescher

New US TV show casting