Deutschland ’86

And the winners of the Deutschland ’86 competition are…

For the past week, TMINE has been running a competition to win one of two boxsets of Deutschland ’86 on DVD.

All you had to do to enter was ‘Like’ the TMINE Facebook page and leave a comment on either the competition entry post or the matching Facebook post.

Entry closed last night and the following people were all cool and retro enough to want to have Deutschland on DVD:

The names of the three competition entrants

Good odds, hey? Given nearly 600 people knew about the competition just through Facebook and at least another 250 through Twitter, that suggests to me either Deutschland ’86 isn’t that popular or the fact it’s available for free on All 4 means people aren’t fussed about owning it on DVD (yet). Bad luck them!

Now, using the mighty power of the Internet Random Number Generator, I’ve picked two of these three wise people at random from the entries to receive the DVDs. And they are…

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Deutschland ’86

Competition time: win a copy of Deutschland ’86 on DVD

It’s May, spring is in the air. Surely it’s time for another chance to win some German TV on DVD?

Following on from last month’s Babylon Berlin competition, this month, TMINE is giving away two copies of Deutschland 86 on DVD. Here’s the rundown:

Deutschland ’86

In 2016 a German language drama premiered on Channel 4; it has since become the most popular foreign-language drama in the history of British television with an audience of 2.5 million viewers.

That drama was Deutschland ’83, a gritty Cold War drama with a soundtrack that hit all the right nostalgic buttons (99 red balloons anyone?).

Three years later and the series returns – as Deutschland ’86: East Germany is broke, Perestroika is real, terrorism plagues Europe, the AIDS crisis intensifies and the struggle against apartheid rages on. And there’s still plenty of ’80s pop music, of course.

Banished for his sins in 1983, Martin Rauch wallows in limbo until his Aunt Lenora conscripts him into her plan to drum up hard currency abroad. They set off on an adventure through Africa, Western Europe and finally home to East Germany. Can mafioso-style Capitalism save Communism just in the nick of time?

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