Téa Leoni in Madam Secretary

Madam Secretary cancelled; El Marginal, Miracle Workers, The Last OG, Snowpiercer renewed; + more

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Internet TV

  • Trailer for season 5 of Netflix’s Black Mirror

Australian TV

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New US TV shows

  • TBS renews: TNT’s Snowpiercer
  • green lights: series of Persian high school boy comedy Chad, with Nasim Pedrad
International TV

What have you been watching? Including Osmosis

It’s “What have you been watching?”, your chance to recommend to fellow TMINE readers anything you’ve been watching this week

What We Do In The Shadows
FX (US)’s What We Do In The Shadows

This week’s reviews

It’s been a busy old week for TV, with a whole bunch of returning shows, as well as some new ones. However, despite my grandiose promises last week, I’ve not reviewed a huge amount. Elsewhere, TMINE has only looked at:

To be fair, that’s because all the shows I’d planned to review in depth weren’t as tempting as I’d hoped…

Netflix’s Osmosis

New shows

I did promise last time that for this week’s Boxset Monday, I’d review either Netflix’s Osmosis or Amazon’s Hanna. Unfortunately, one episode was about all I could take of Osmosis in a sitting, but I’ll be talking about that after the jump.

So then I tried episode two of Hanna, having already previewed episode one a while back. However, while that proved more appetising than the first, it had some other qualities that made me sigh a lot. And not make me want to watch any more episodes in hurry. We’ll talk about that after the jump, too.

Before next WHYBW, I’ll be previewing Jordan Peele’s new take on The Twilight Zone and maybe The CW’s In The Dark, Cinemax’s Warrior and Netflix’s Quicksand, as well as anything else that crops up. Orange Wednesday will be back tomorrow with reviews of John Wick – Chapter 2, Justice League vs The Fatal Five and Donkeyote.

Happy and Christopher Meloni in Syfy (US)'s Happy!
Happy and Christopher Meloni in Syfy (US)’s Happy!

The regulars

As for the regulars, I’m all caught up now. The Orville is on yet another long break, so join me after the jump for a look at the latest episodes of Doom Patrol, The Good Fight, Il Miracolo (The Miracle), The Magicians, Star Trek: Discovery and Whiskey Cavalier. I’m going to be demoting one of them – can you guess which?

I’ll also be frowning at the return of Happy!, smiling thinly at the mid-season return of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and waving goodbye sadly to the first season of Magnum P.I.

See you in a mo!

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