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What have you been watching? Including Alta Mar (High Seas)

It’s “What have you been watching?”, your chance to recommend to fellow TMINE readers anything you’ve been watching this week

The Rook
The Rook

This week’s reviews

It was a lovely sunny weekend, so all plans last week to review an entire boxset of something were obviously going to fall at the first hurdle. That means that all the TV I’ve managed to review this week is The Rook (US: Starz; UK: Virgin).

Meanwhile, last week’s Orange Thursday was equally deficient, only managing to take in Ralph Breaks The Internet (2018).

Oh well.

Shaft (2019)

What’s coming this week

Tomorrow’s Orange Thursday will definitely feature last week’s also-ran The Lego Movie 2, as well as Shaft (2019) – not to be confused with previous entries in the franchise Shaft (1971) and Shaft (2000).

By hook or by crook, Boxset Monday (or Tuesday) will be season three of Stranger Things (Netflix), which will be available from tomorrow, giving me even more of a run-up.

On the other hand, it’s supposed to be sunny this weekend, too. Oh, well. Let’s see what happens.

Apart that, it’s anyone’s guess. Summer, hey?

Zachary Quinto in NOS4A2
Zachary Quinto in NOS4A2 © Zach Dilgard/AMC

The regulars

The InBetween was on yet another holiday last week, so I think I’m going to give up on it, simply because I’m going to start forgetting what’s been happening, both between episodes and by the time I have dementia, which is probably when the final episode of the season airs some time in 2047.

Otherwise, after the jump, we’ll have the regulars: City on a Hill, Harrow, Jett, Krypton, Legion, Perpetual Grace LTD, and Swamp Thing. I also found the time to watch another episode of NOS4A2 and I gave a new show a try: Netflix’s period Spanish murder-mystery Alta Mar (High Seas).

See you in a mo.

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