Music I can’t get out of my head today

Two TV themes: Entertainment USA‘s and The Adventures of Portland Bill‘s. What’s up there?


More spies? No

British Spies season

As suspected, the British Spies season seems to end on Tuesday 5th with the final episode of Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. Either that or the very BBC4-sounding Meetings with Remarkable Trees has a very deceptive title.

‘Clive’ from the Beeb’s press office still hasn’t got back to me to confirm this though. This isn’t wholly surprising. If you’ve never dealt with PR people, you probably won’t be aware of this, but “I’ll get back to you with that information” or “I’ll email it through to you” is pretty much code for “You will never see or hear from me again. You will not will be able to find me. I do not exist. I am Jason Bourne. I am a ghost.” Clive probably isn’t even his real name.

Which is ironic for a spies season, isn’t it?