Review: Doctor Who – 2×1 – New Earth

David Tennant will a silly haircut

What was the most rubbish bit about Doctor Who on Saturday then?

  1. The 20 minutes of padding in the middle of the script
  2. The bit where they forced David Tennant to do an Austin Powers impression?
  3. The fact someone had turned the volume on the incidental music all the way up to 11?

Hopefully next week’s will be better.


They’ve given who a Walk of Fame star?

I had a minor rant about Queen Latifah being given a Hollywood Walk of Fame star a while ago. I take it all back. That seems eminently reasonable now.

Because they’ve just given a Walk of Fame star to Winnie the Pooh.

Queen Latifah, for all her faults, is an actual human being. Winnie the Pooh isn’t real (although don’t we all wish he was?). You cannot give a Walk of Fame star to Winnie the Pooh, whether he’s in book form, CGI or a cartoon. Are they going to give Simon Templar a star next? BA Baracus? The ants from A Bug’s Life? It’s a world gone mad, I tell you!

Still, there’s probably a precedent somewhere. They’ve almost certainly given R2D2 a star.


Who knew there was a fuel company distribution chief living on George Lane?

Ooh, I’ve just been watching The Apprentice and you’ll never guess what! Syed was on George Lane looking for the home of a fuel company distribution chief or sales guy or something. That’s just round the corner from me!

Blimey. Almost famous.

But Syed! How could you possibly think two hours from North London to Lewisham and back was remotely achievable at 4.30 in the afternoon? The Blackwall Tunnel’s just full up at that time. Your best bet to get back in time would have been a train from Hither Green to London Bridge and then the Northern Line to Angel, but you’d still have been pushing it. Dear oh dear.


Prison Break getting more and more impressive. And Lost, get your skates on

Okay, Prison Break is still immensely stupid at heart, but I’ve actually been surprised by how well the show is progressing in the US. Last week, we had the flashback episode that showed most of the inmates on the outside and how they all wound up in jail. This week we had the “it’s all falling apart” episode. What I liked about it was the economy of writing. In a show like Prison Break that has a weekly cliffhanger and an ongoing plot, there’s a tendency on the part of the viewer to assume that any obstacle that gets thrown up is purely for the sake of the cliffhanger.

This week’s episode threw back two events that had almost been forgotten from last year. I won’t spoil it for UK viewers by saying what they were, but by episode end, you’ll be thinking to yourself “Ooh, that’s clever” and you’ll have new respect for Michael and his planning skills. And, incidentally, for the other inmates, who aren’t so bad at planning either, it turns out.

Plus it had Michelle Forbes in it. Anything with Michelle Forbes in it has to be good by definition.

By the way, for those of you not watching Prison Break and wondering if there’s going to be six more seasons of people trying to break out of jail and constantly being foiled, it’s already been revealed that season two is going to consist of the escapees on the run after their first season break out – although not everyone manages to escape. So it’s not going to be Lost – The Prison Days.

On that subject, could the writers get a move on with Lost please? It’s starting to irritate? Still, I was expecting that. After all, it comes from the writers of Alias, the show that was all tease, no real plot development and no real payoff. From what I hear, Alias‘s final episode isn’t even going to mention Rambaldi. No Rambaldi pay-off after five years? Bastardos! On that track record, I’m confidently predicting they’re all still going to be stuck on that island with no explanations at the end of the seventh season.