The week ahead

Well, I’m back from my vacation/my holiday/me hols (delete according to preferred dialect); yes, it did rain at various points, being Swansea, but it was also sunny. Hooray! I might blog about it over on my personal blog at some point. I might not though. Would anyone really be interested, I wonder?

Anyway, it’s going to be a busy week here on ‘The Medium is Not Enough’. The planned line-up includes:

  • A preview of Union Jackass, Al “Pub Landlord” Murray’s new US sitcom, airing on Fox in January (hopefully) and probably Sky One (or similar) in the UK shortly afterwards
  • Reviews of the first episodes of the new season of The Wire, Extras (if I can be arsed), Anne Heche’s new series Men in Trees and anything else that happens to air this week
  • Third-episode verdicts on ‘Til Death, Justice, Happy Hour and Standoff.
  • Plus generally sarcastic comments on TV news and anything else that happens this week.

However, I’m off to the Oktoberfest later today (it’s for business, honest guv’nor) and won’t be back till Wednesday afternoon, plus it’s going to be a busy post-holiday week anyway, so I have no idea exactly when I’m going to be able to squeeze all of this in. Fingers crossed, I will though.


Last one: Sun says DT has committed to another series of Doctor Who

David Tennant in an interesting hatI know, I know, I’m supposed to be on holiday, but…

Today’s issue of The Sun says that David Tennant has signed up for a third series of Doctor Who, asking for and getting the princely sum of £1 million for the series. However, it continues, that he absolutely won’t commit to another series after that.

Now, The Sun has been good in the past for insider info, although I suspect its accuracy varies according to the journalist writing each story – they’re a territorial lot at The Sun. But, how can this be, given that

  1. £1 million is what Eccles-cake got for the first series (allegedly) and the ratings have been better under DT than they were under CE;
  2. The fourth series hasn’t even been commissioned yet?

Were the Beeb waiting to see whether DT would sign on the dotted line before committing to another series? Surely, given Who‘s unique “let’s dump the star” capabilities, they wouldn’t have been that fussed.

Alternatively, maybe they thought they could keep DT’s asking price down if they didn’t commit themselves to another series. Theories on a postcard or stuck-down envelope to…

Off on me hols

I’m away on holiday next week – Swansea, in case you’re curious – so no blogging for me, unless I somehow fail to beat my workaholism. Hopefully, I’ll be back on September 18th. Until then, have fun and I hope you find some good tele to watch!


Review: ‘Til Death

'Til Death

In the US: Fox, Thursdays 8/7c
In the UK: Not yet picked up. Paramount or Five will probably grab it though

Watching Everybody Loves Raymond is mandatory in our house. It’s not my choice. My wife feels sorry for Ray’s wife. So there you go.

In the deep misery that is the average episode of Everybody Loves Raymond, I find Brad Garrett to be the only beacon of light to keep me going.

ELR is over now, and Garrett has moved on to ‘Til Death, an average new comedy from Fox, this time featuring two wives with rubbish husbands.

I get the feeling a new mandatory show is looming on the horizon.

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