ITV’s plans to cut costs

ITV has announced its shiny strategy to deal with the slight revenue shortfall it has. There’s some good, some bad and some ugly.

  • Scale back the number of single or two-part dramas on ITV1 and replace them with cheaper programming (Is that possible?)
  • Reduce the tarriffs it pays producers for programmes (Even more?)
  • Move towards deals with production companies which will cut programme fees – but with the chance to make more money through performance related bonuses (Sure it will)
  • Tender out more major projects and contracts in a bid to get the most competitive prices (you’re not doing that already?)
  • Have less makeover and lifestyle shows in daytime (yey!)
  • ‘Modernise’ PSB (public service broadcasting) commitments (ooh aye? And by modernise we mean ‘get rid of if possible’?)
  • Increase the number of US acquired series shown on ITV1 (Cunning! Cheap but good programming!)
  • ITV Productions is to stop producing domestic 90-minute drama specials and instead concentrate on long running series and high-end period and contemporary programming.
  • The company is to stop making low-margin one off documentaries as well as history, wildlife and kids programming. Instead, it will concentrate on factual entertainment, high end drama and drama series, quiz and game shows and comedy. (oh dear)

David Tennant, West Wing fan: apply for tickets to see him take the trivia challenge

David Tennant in CasanovaJust got this through the email. Thought some regular readers might appreciate the bit in bold:



The enormously popular E4 US import ‘The West Wing’ is coming to an end soon and the channel are bidding it a fond farewell with a special ‘West Wing Quiz’. Rory Bremner will be hosting as two panels of celebrity fans of the show (including Dr Who’s David Tennant) pitting their knowledge of the show against each other, for a night of light-hearted competition and fun.

The show will be taped on 7pm on 4th July in Teddington Studios, TW11 9NT (approx 30 mins train ride from Waterloo).

If you’d like to join us for this rather special night, booking is now open, so do apply quickly!

If you would like to join us for this event, then you may apply for tickets by calling 020 8684 3333 or by replying to this email stating your postcode and the number of tickets require. You may alternatively apply online at where you’ll find details of all the shows for which we are booking. Tickets for all of our shows are FREE.


How to compound an already bad idea

The Pink PantherWe hold certain truths to be self-evident: Mick Fleetwood and Sam Fox must never host another Brits; Kelly Brook must never be asked to read an autocue again; and the one thing you should never ever do is remake the Pink Panther. We do so because we know, with every fibre of our being, exactly how’s it going to turn out before it’s even started in each of these scenarios. Look what happened when Steve Martin did the unthinkable? He remade the Pink Panther and it was rubbish. We knew it would be from the first moment we heard about it.

But now someone’s thought the even more unthinkable. How about not just one but two sequels to that remake? Sacre bleu! How can they not see what’s going to happen next?!