An American’s week at London theatres

It’s always interesting to get an outsider’s perspective on things you take for granted, so I’m going to be sticking with June Thomas’s guide to London theatre on Slate for the rest of the week. Day one takes in My Name is Rachel Corrie, which is directed by Alan Rickman – I’ve already discussed the controversy around this particular play – as well as the Theatre Museum and, of course, the changing of the guard.

BBC Four: Now comes with a bottle of Night Nurse aka A for Andromeda’s ‘Face of the Tiger’

Having trouble getting to sleep on a Saturday night? Well happy happy joy joy, this Saturday coming sees not only a repeat of the stupefyingly dull remake of A for Andromeda, there’s now the glorious chance to watch the only remaining episode of the original series, The Face of the Tiger, at the reassuringly late time of 10.40pm. Now, remember that the oh-so-dull remake clocked in at only 90 minutes. This is episode six and runs at 40 minutes. Oh my. Can’t wait.


A third one?!

Rush Hour US posterOf all the things the world needs right now, I didn’t realise that Rush Hour 3 was one of them. It’s not like the first two were marvels of film making.

Even more surprising is the fact that Chris Rock is getting paid about $10 million more basic salary than Jackie Chan, although Chan has the Far East distribution rights. That makes sense. Because we all watched Rush Hour because of Chris Rock, didn’t we?

UPDATE: Oops. Meant Chris Tucker, not Chris Rock. Doh!

Bond is back

Well, after all the mickey taking I did of Daniel Craig, there’s finally some signs of non-awfulness emerging from the depths of Casino Royale. Here’s the English trailer for it. It’s not the full reboot I was expecting, given there’s at least a couple of stupid OTT scenes in there, but it still has some potential, by the looks of it. And I actually think Daniel Craig is quite a passable Bond by the looks of it.