Although this isn’t Variety, I’m building up a collection of terms unique to this blog. Here are some of them.

?: A mark commonly used in the daily news. It either refers to a piece of news that isn’t definite, or a piece of news that seems implausible but still seems interesting enough to mention. See also ‘??’
??: A very implausible piece of news, but one that sounds interesting and about which people will no doubt end up talking.
Bastard the PVR: Bastard is my personal video recorder. It consists of an Elgato DTT Stick for recording FreeView and Elgato’s EyeTV. Its main distinguishing feature – and the reason for its name – is a reluctance to record the programs I want it to.
Buckley’s Hypothesis: The theory that all TV producers live in Islington since they don’t appear to watch television themselves.
FBs: Feisty Blondes. cf Ali Larter (as Jessica. Not Nikki)
People Elevated to God-Like Status: The blog Hall of Fame
RGBERob’s Great Blonde Elevator, aka the best invention in the world
Rusty/RTD: Russell T Davies, the exec producer of Doctor Who
The Carusometer: The most powerful and egotistical ratings system in the world.
The Murray Gold Watch: Eternal vigilance over rubbish composer Murray Gold (and, to be fair, whoever mixes the sound on anything he does).