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What have you been watching? Including Almost Family and Mr Robot

It’s “What have you been watching?”, your chance to recommend to fellow TMINE readers anything you’ve been watching this week

Ruby Rose

This week’s reviews

This week’s been a bit quieter than planned reviews-wise. I did manage to review Batwoman (US: The CW) as planned; however, I’m just finishing episode eight (of nine) of Raising Dion, which is obviously a day or two later than Boxset Monday and Tuesday allows. But it’s a shoo-in for next week.

What’s coming this week

Orange Thursday didn’t happen again, either. Sorry. However, fingers crossed, we’ll be looking at Between Two Ferns: The Movie (2019) and – in a brief flashback to Weekly Wonder Woman – Wonder Woman: Bloodlines (2019).

As well as Raising Dion, the coming week should also bring us Nancy Drew (US: The CW) and eternal optimist that I am, I’m hoping to watch season two of Plan Cœur (The Hookup Plan) over the weekend.

And after that, Fall 2019 – part three begins…

Mr Robot
Mr Robot

The regulars

Fall 2019 – part one and Fall 2019 – part two brought us new shows, but I’ve been winnowing again. I can’t really be bothered with either Prodigal Son or Emergence any more, so they’ve been dropped from the viewing queue.

But that still leaves us with Evil, Magnum PI, Mr InBetween, Pennyworth, Stumptown and Titans. On top that, Mr Robot has made his comeback.

All of those after the jump, together with a brief rundown of last week’s extra turkey, Almost Family.

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Phase IV

The alternative ending of Saul Bass’s Phase IV is now available

A long time ago, I nominated Saul Bass’s Phase IV (1974) as one of the scariest movies ever made. Sure, it’s about little tiny ants, but you only have to watch the first nine minutes of it to be totally creeped out by Bass’s micro-photography, and real-life teeny tiny ants (and wasps pretending to be ants) setting their mind to destroying and/or enslaving the human race.

The movie’s ending is reasonably bizarre as it stands.

However, that wasn’t Bass’s original ending. As you might expect of the graphic designer who worked most with Stanley Kubrick, that was a completely different beast.

In the book Future Tense by John Brosnan, an alternate ending to the film was described: “Bass originally filmed a spectacular, surreal montage lasting four minutes, showing what life would be like in the ‘new’ Earth, but this was cut by the distributor.”

A preview version with this ending intact was shown to some audiences in 1973-4, and clips of it showed up in the film’s theatrical trailer, and in Saul Bass’ title sequence to Martin Scorsese’s Cape Fear (1991).

Unfortunately, though, it was lost to the mists of time until 2012, when the alternate ending and preview version resurfaced. The 35mm original footage of the ending was then scanned and colour-corrected (it had faded to magenta) by the Academy Film Archive.

Until now, Paramount has refused to license the additional footage, so releases of the movie since 2012 have failed to include it. But guess what. The movie’s 45 years old this year and has been released in 4K on Apple’s iTunes service – and the alternative ending is available as an iTunes Extra.

You can view a nice polished clip of this here, but if you don’t mind blurry vision, here’s the full thing, in all its oddness.

The Twelve

The Twelve acquired; All American extended; Richard Roxburgh’s Bob Hawke reprisal; + more

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French TV

  • France 2 green lights: Swiss watchmaking murder-mystery TV movie De L’Autre Côté (On The Other Side), with Alix Poisson, Tiphaine Daviot, Luna Lou et al



US TV show casting

  • Masi Oka to guest on CBS’s Hawaii Five-0

New US TV shows

New US TV show casting

The cast of Cheers on The Goldbergs

Want to know who’s showing up in ABC’s Cast From The Past? Well, here’s a potted guide with videos

This week, ABC (US)’s ‘Cast From The Past’ stunt is reuniting a whole bunch of ‘classic’ casts. This basically means various ABC shows are reuniting the casts of various TV shows and movies, some famous, some, erm , not so famous.

The list of reunions is long – and sometimes a little confusing for UK viewers, who may not have heard of half of them – but here’s TMINE’s potted guide to help you, complete with videos.

Some of them seem pretty kosher to me. black-ish reunites star Tracee Ellis Ross with her co-stars from Girlfriends. Similarly, The Conners reunites Blues Brothers 2000 stars John Goodman and Dan Aykroyd. And sure, no one on The Goldbergs was ever in Cheers, but getting four members of the cast of Cheers together still counts, particularly for an 80s-obsessed TV show that does entire episodes dedicated to Highlander.

The big mystery is how Ken Jeong showing up on Fresh off the Boat to be reunited with Constance Wu qualifies as “cast from the past”, given Crazy Rich Asians came out last year.

Then we get to the “inside baseball” style reunions. Getting two Charmed stars together is fine… but on Grey’s Anatomy? Because two of the producers used to write for Charmed?

Or Robert Sean Leonard on The Good Doctor because David Shore created House as well?

And then we have Adrien Brody and Leighton Meester’s reunion on Single Parents. They’re married. FFS.

Anyway, rundown and clips after the jump.

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